The reality TV couple, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, are legally married. However, they did not exchange rings at their wedding ceremony. Instead, they celebrated by throwing a bouquet of fresh roses at each other. The couple later shared photos of their Vegas trip on their Instagram. According to Kourtney, they are “very excited” to continue celebrating with each other. The couple met in October and began dating soon afterward. They first began dating as neighbors but opted for a more private ceremony that they planned themselves.

After getting engaged in October of 2017, the couple tied the knot in an extravagant beachside wedding in Las Vegas. However, there is a problem: neither Kardashian nor Barker has legally gotten married. The couple’s wedding photos didn’t include marriage licenses. Despite their legal status, they’ve gotten married anyway. Although their wedding photos didn’t contain any marriage license, the couple’s ceremony was conducted by Elvis Presley, who officiated the ceremony.

While the couple got married last month, the wedding wasn’t legal. They married in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas, but they haven’t filed for a marriage license. It was rumored that an Elvis impersonator performed the ceremony. They also reportedly blocked photographers from taking pictures inside the wedding venue. Security was hired to take photographs inside the ceremony. Despite the lack of a marriage license, Kourtney and Travis’ wedding ceremony was recorded by multiple sources.

As far as Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s wedding ceremony goes, the reality TV couple’s marriage was not legal. They got married in a Sin City wedding chapel without obtaining a marriage license, according to Page Six. TMZ also confirmed that the ceremony did take place at the One Love Chapel, but it is not a legally valid wedding. However, both parties have a long history of pranks and have become close friends.

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Although the couple got married, they aren’t legally married. They are still engaged and planning to tie the knot this year. However, there are many questions about whether the two are legally married. The truth is, it’s too early to tell. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. There are no marriage license records in the county where the couple live. They are not married.

According to reports, the couple’s engagement was formalized in November 2017. They have two children together, Atiana De La Hoya and Jordan Ozuna. Khloe Kardashian is a good peacemaker and has helped Scott deal with his feelings. While the two are still dating, the relationship is officially official. However, they will stay friends. But, in the meantime, their children will be raised by both their parents.

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Despite rumors and announcing their marriage at the end of summer last year, the couple continues to maintain their non-negotiable lifestyle. Kourtney has six children and Travis has two. The couple are married legally. However, it’s not quite that easy to prove if Kourtney and Travis are truly married. It just depends on the definition of legal marriage and the fact that both partners are living together.