Sam Asghari is supporting spouse Britney Spears in the midst of her quarrel with ex.

Asghari stood tall for his better half after ex Kevin Federline made sense of why her children would rather not meet her. The dad of-two likewise proceeded to concede that the 40-year-old’s naked photographs on Instagram have profoundly upset the young people.

In the now-erased Instagram story, Asghari stated: “Regardless of whether truth to her children was being embarrassed about their mom’s decisions and positive self-perception they wouldn’t be the principal teens humiliated of their folks. Most children are humiliated of their folks at a certain point.

“There simple presence of a parent can embarrass a youngster. It’s so normal it has been a storyline utilized again and again on TV and in films for quite a long time.

“In the long run while possibly not as of now, they will understand their mom’s decisions are innocuous and a statement of recently tracked down opportunity. Essentially nothing remains to be humiliated about heaps of things to be glad for.”

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Britney and Asghari share youngsters Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15 together.

In a new meeting, Kevin focused on his experience with high school children, who feel embarrassed about their mom’s unequivocal virtual entertainment tricks.

He added: “I attempt to make sense of for them, ‘Look, perhaps that is simply one more way she attempts to communicate her thoughts’. Yet, that doesn’t detract from the reality of how it treats them. It’s intense. I can’t envision how it feels to be a teen going to secondary school.”