A member of the Rust crew is facing amputation after a spider bite; GoFundMe has raised $10K.

Rust’s crew member was bitten by a spider while filming the film. He is now in hospital and could have his arm amputated.

After Alec Baldwin, star producer and star of Rust, shot a gun he didn’t know contained live ammunition and killed Halyna Hutchins as well as seriously injuring Joel Souza, director of Rust Production was stopped on October 21.

Jason Miller was bitten by a brown recluse spider, according to a GoFundMe page.

Miller suffered “serious symptoms”, including “necrosis in his arm and sepsis,” according a statement on the fundraising page. He has also had to undergo “several surgeries each morning” to try and stop the infection.

GoFundMe posted that Jason Miller, IATSE [International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees] Local 48 pipe rigger, and lamp operator was attacked by a brown recluse spider while he was working on the Bonanza Creek production “Rust”.

He developed severe symptoms within days, including necrosis and sepsis. As doctors try to stop the infection from spreading and save his arm, he’s been admitted to hospital.

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Jason will only be able to recover his arm if Abq Lovelace’s medical team is able to save it. If Jason loses it, it will be devastating for Jason and his family.

Jason would appreciate any financial support or assistance to get through this difficult time.

A spokeswoman for Rust producers, Baldwin included, said that she was grateful to IATSE/Local 480, who are truly a wonderful family. This is a condensed summary of the information.