The viral video of the “Leaf Pile Challenge” ends with a boy crying.

Although it may seem harmless, the latest TikTok trend caught a toddler boy by surprise. The “leaf pile Challenge” ended with a youngster trapped in a leaf heap while his mother tried desperately to unbury him. This hilarious video has been viewed more than 4 million times.

Anderson’s child was seen sliding down a slide into large autumn leaves in slow-motion video. Anderson lost her son in this swath greenery, as the height and depth were too great. Anderson ran to him, frantically trying to find him.

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According to, 2021 fall foliage map, “NOAA precipitation forecasts, average sunlight exposure and temperature” are used to “forecasts make estimates for peak leaf timings.”

The peak leaf season in Rocky Mountains starts in September and ends in mid-October. The peak leaf season in the Rocky Mountains lasts from mid-to-late-October to the end of October. There is also a flood of color on the East coast and Midwest at the same time. In early November, there are floods of colors along the Gulf Coast and West Coast.

Leaf season is everywhere, as evidenced by this viral trend.