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When we decide to go on a new path of journey, we first Google search it or ask a person with the experience. The same goes for careers. We look for the person who is walking the same course which we decide to stride on. People who want to enter the music industry also look up to Google to search for successful artists and study their journey. How about a personality who is offering his help with all good intentions by offering you to-the-point successful advice regarding success? We are talking about today’s Rockstar Rican. The man has achieved a good career with a never-defeating mindset. Let’s study about him first. 


Rockstar Rican is an extraordinary talent who amazed the industry at the age of only 24 years old. He is a rapper songwriter and music producer. The young artist is full of potential, determination, and love for music. He has released more than 20 songs from which many got hits such as “Thot”, “Like this” and “Tick Tock” etc. These songs are attaining thousands of streams and plays on popular mp3 music websites such as Spotify, Deezer, Sound cloud, and Apple Music.

Rockstar Rican has got A&Rs (Artists & Repertoires) from well-known local record labels DefJam and Atlantic Records. These A&Rs and many other artists follow him on Instagram.

Rockstar Rican Tips/Advice for Beginners

  • Made your mind

Before starting the career, make your mindset first. If you are not motivated enough then it is not going to work. You have to be passionate about something to achieve high.

We face many complications in the journey. Sometimes our music is not admired enough even after some months. But you need to be motivated enough or passionate enough that none of these temporary failures bring down your spirit.  

  • Do not doubt yourself

The first rule to any success is confidence. Self-confidence is the key to any achievement you want to target. The moment you start doubting yourself, you will go one step down from achieving what you achieve.

Maybe it seems impossible to you but it is only in your head. Start the work with tiny steps. Do not pressurize yourself but have trust in your guts. Make the mindset that you can do it. In other words, be confident.

  • Do not let people get to your head

Maybe you hear people around you saying that you cannot achieve this or that. Let them talk. Your job is to prove them wrong. Your job is to show them what you are made of. You will see that people will gradually forget and move on. You also need to move on. If you get these negative people in your head, you are doomed. You can achieve nothing.

  • Make good original Music

Being original in the music industry is the only way to get the spotlight. Be creative, be original, be unique. Do not fall for cringe content. After all, it is about your reputation.  

  • Continue Pushing Yourself

Do not stop anywhere. If you managed to give three hits, be ready to give five more. Start your own music recording company. Expand your work area of the industry in several paths. The music industry is not limited to creating music or writing music. Gain experience in directing, producing, and collaborating with other artists.  

If you are a fan of Rockstar Rican, we like to share the good news with you. Rockstar Rican is going to release his next song in a few weeks. Keep tuned with him to know the release date.