Pukka" rubbish girl"Mihlali Ndamase says her gran has KFC shares

In the once many times model and beauty model Mihlali Ndamase popped up on YouTube and fleetly came notorious in Mzansi. Her lavish life has earned millions of followers over only a many times and she has revealed that was always living the life of a lavish queen.

Pukka" rubbish girl"Mihlali Ndamase says her gran has KFC shares

Mihlali Ndamase enthralls her suckers by revealing details on the family she has with her
In the last many months, Mihlali was named one of Daily Reuters Africa’s”30 under 30 millionaires. A quick regard through her Instagram runners will reveal that she has no lack of hookups and auspices which is why it’s no surprise that she’s so successful.

While numerous believe that the beauty queen is among the celebrities who have come from nothing, she has lately admitted that this is not the case for her.
On Cassper Nyovest’s The Braai Show with Cassper, Mihlali revealed that she comes from a family of ladies who are entrepreneurial. According to Mihlali’s account her mama has further than one company and has shares in a veritably profitable presto- food eatery ballot.

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“She has several stores in KwaBhaca which she leases out. She has a shop that sells structure products. She also owns shares at the KFC on the other hand,”she said.
Mihlali launches Malakyt
On October 15th, Mihlali has also launched her own business, Malakyt that assists people in connecting with makeup artists across South Africa hassle-free.