When the account was shut down on Instagram account was closed, Paddy Pimblett sent a touching letter.

Paddy Pimblett has requested that Instagram restore his old account in order to access the thousands of images that he’s saved on the social network.

Although he has a lot of new followers however, this has come with a price that he’s lost his posts from the past eight years.

The account, however, contained talks and messages from those whom “Paddy the Baddy’ had assisted in navigating difficult times.

Pimblett has since asked Instagram to return the account and show that it is not allowing Trolls to win despite the fact that Pimblett believes that the reverse is the case.

“I haven’t had access to my former account for a while and would like to have it back , purely for the memories. I’d like to bring back the memories because it contains eight years of photos and videos from my life, and 1600 post,” he added.

“But I’m not going for a minute, my account has grown to 500k in the span of a week. I don’t want the old account now I’ve already stated that however I’d like to have to have it back in order to remember my experiences as well as the videos and the photos and videos, so that Instagram will let people know that they won’t let trolling trolls prevail, but clearly they do, as they were the ones to have my account taken while all the trolling and bullying me.

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“The most annoying aspect of it going away are the users I was able to chat with on the site; now my messages are scattered across the internet and I’m unable to respond to them.

“In my previous account I had individuals in my messages that I could communicate with and assisted me through challenging times. There were people there that helped me get through difficult times, but then everything I did with my charitable foundations has been taken away.

“I am unable to even reply to those who require me to get back to them.”