Kid Cudi is fully supporting Lil Nas X for paving the way for gay and Black males in the hip-hop world.

Cudi has written an emotional tribute to the artist following his appearance as one of Time’s 100 most influential individuals of 2021.

“Lil Nas X is a fresh take on the themes I was riding when I first got started in the music industry: staying true to yourself and not letting anyone else dictatewhatever anyone else says,” Cudi wrote.

“What the rapper is doing is what we’re looking for in the present. A gay man in hip-hop , doing his thing smashing records — that’s significant for us as well as for Black quality.

“The manner in which he’s not afraid to cause people discomfort is rock and roll. He’s a music legend.”

Cudi said the extent to which he was “sad” the situation was following noting Lil Nas’ tweet that said “maybe some Black male artists do not want to work alongside me”.

This became apparent when the tracklists on the album he released Montero included only Black females and White males. The album was released in the year 2000. Cudi said he’d pleased to collaborate with his band and “frolic in rose gardens while the music of my heart.”

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“There’s an overt homophobic cloud that covers hip-hop and he’s determined to take the s down,”” said the artist. “We need to be with him. I’ll do what I need to do to inform him that you are my friend.”

“When we perform our song together, no matter how bizarre the video may be we’ll get sexy about the song,” he concluded.