Remember the old GPS units we had to have around back in the day? Before that, maybe you published instructions from MapQuest or another website. And before that, we relied upon actual maps that no one understood how to fold fast.

Today, you open up your phone and click a program. It’s simple, sure, but you might not think much about just how much information you are giving out with every trip and every hunt.

Speaking of searches, it’s time you stuck out your browser search history. If you don’t do this frequently, begin today. Harness or click for measures in all the major browsers.

See everywhere you have gone
You won’t receive all the features, though. Signing in allows you to store locations, such as your home and work, and remember your favorite routes.

Like any navigation app, Google Maps utilizes the GPS location in your phone to ascertain where on earth you’re. Each time you navigate someplace, your place is saved in your profile.

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That might not seem so bad. All things considered, your navigation app needs to understand where you’re. But all that info is deleted from the account. You can check where you were on this past five years ago, for instance.

It’s eye-opening to look at this listing. Perhaps it’ll feel like a fun walk down memory lane. Or maybe it will creep you out.