California Ends Unemployment for People Not Looking for Jobs After Paying Out $128B

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani stated that the understanding of the national economic recovery program ( PEN ) funding was just IDR 226 trillion as of June 18, 2021. This figure is equal to 32.4% of the ceiling of IDR 699 trillion.

“The PEN program was implemented at Rp226 trillion in the ceiling that’s nearly Rp700 billion or Rp699 trillion,” said Sri Mulyani at the Working Meeting of Committee IV DPD RI, Monday (21/6).

Sir Mulyani said the funds have been dispersed to many businesses, for example, health, social security, MSME and corporate aid, priority applications, and company incentives. Realization of capital in the health industry was listed at IDR 39.55 billion or 22% from IDR 172 trillion at the morning. “Funds are utilized for diagnostic testing and testing, procurement of 37.78 million doses of vaccine, support for JKN contributions of 19 million individuals, tax incentives,” said Sri Mulyani.

Then, the recognition of capital in the social security sector amounted to Rp. 64.91 trillion or 43.8% of the ceiling of Rp. 148.27 trillion. The funds have been utilized for many government aid programs, including PKH, fundamental food cards, village finance BLT, and Pre-Employment Cards.

What’s more, the understanding of MSME and corporate service plummeted to IDR 48.05 billion or 24.8% of their IDR 193.74 trillion ceilings. A number of programs within this industry are attention subsidies for KUR supply to funding support for MSMEs.

Meanwhile, the recognition of new defect programs amounted to Rp. 38.1 billion or 29.8% of those Rp. 127.85 trillion ceilings. The funds are utilized for labor-intensive, assisting the tourism industry, food safety, and growing strategic places. Last, the consciousness of capital for company incentives amounted to Rp36.02 billion. This figure is equal to 63.5% of the ceiling of Rp. 56.73 trillion.

“Various small business incentives, notably the supply of tax incentives, have attained Rp63.5 trillion,” he clarified.

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A number of those tax incentives in question, for example, Article 22 PPh borne from the authorities, MSME closing PPh borne from the authorities, exemption from import PPh 22, and decrease in PPh 25 installments.