Publicly listed company Vivant Corporation said Monday its own unit procured a 25-year contract to supply the water supply demands of Metro Cebu.

The business advised the local bourse its own wholly-owned subsidiary Vivant Hydrocore Holdings Inc. (VHHI) bagged the Cordova Bulk Water Supply Project.

VHHI retains the team’s water infrastructure investment portfolio.

“Vivant Hydrocore filed a solicited proposal to its Cordova Bulk Water Supply Project in response to an invitation to bidding printed by MCWD (Metropolitan Cebu Water District) on September 25, 2020,” the firm said in another announcement on Monday.

The team said Vivant Hydrocore will build a utility-scale desalination plant to raise the water source of MCWD by 20,000 cubic meters per day of treated and potable water.

Last week, Vivant stated it’s allotting ₱6.4 billion capital investment during the next 3 decades. Its electricity company will get ₱5 billion of their funding costs, while its infrastructure section will get 1.4 billion.

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Shares of Vivant from the Philippine Stock Exchange inched upward by 2.67percent or 40 centavos to complete at ₱15.40 per on Monday.