Myanmar to Start Accepting Tourist E-Visa Applications

Myanmar to start accepting tourist evisa applications

A year after suspending e-visa services, Myanmar is once again accepting tourist e-visa applications. The country had shut down the service due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2014. On Thursday, the Immigration and Population Ministry announced that e-visa applications will resume. The announcement comes as Myanmar opens its borders to international travelers again. COVID-19 positive rates have been below one percent daily since April 4.

In May, the Government of Myanmar announced that it will begin accepting tourist e-visa applications again. Currently, international flights have been suspended for two years. However, the junta has now lifted its ban on travel and is allowing tourists to apply for a visa online. This means that travelers can finally apply for a visa without having to wait in long queues at visa offices.

Although the country does not currently issue visas online, e-visa applications will soon be accepted in all international airports and border crossings. However, foreign journalists still face difficulty obtaining visas and are frequently denied entry or deported. If you are caught breaking these laws, you could face jail time, fines, or even deportation. Foreigners who commit visa violations in Myanmar should only use the same port of entry as their nationals do.

Travelers can apply for a visa online by providing their passport number, personal information, and details of their travel agency. In addition, travelers must pay a $50 online fee to complete the process. The visa is valid for five days after approval and travelers should carry their acceptance email upon arrival in the country. However, this type of visa is valid for only Yangon. If you plan on travelling to more places in Myanmar, you’ll need to pay more money for the visa application.

During the 2011 e-visa program, Myanmar began accepting tourist e-visa applications. The e-visas are issued by the government and will require the payment of an online credit card. Unlike traditional visas, Myanmar’s e-visa will be valid for 14 days. But, unlike other countries, Myanmar must still issue visas for foreign nationals who wish to travel in the country.

As of 2022, British and European citizens will need a visa to enter the country. While this requirement is no longer applicable to Myanmar residents, it will apply to all tourists. Those who wish to visit the country should make sure their passport is valid for at least six months after arrival. Tourist visas can be obtained at the Yangon international airport, but travellers should not cross into neighboring countries. The country has strict visa requirements, so travelers should check with the nearest Myanmar Embassy before leaving for the country.

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It’s crucial to remember that Myanmar decides whether to grant or deny visas for Canadian citizens. If a Canadian citizen is denied entry to Myanmar, they cannot ask the Canadian consulate for assistance. In such cases, Canadian citizens should contact their closest foreign representative. They should also research local laws before travelling to Myanmar. In some cases, foreigners who break the law may face deportation if they are caught.