Take a Self-Drive Tour of Serbia's Architectural Gems

Go on a selfdriven tour of Serbia with World Architecture Travel

If you want to see Serbia’s architectural gems, a self-driven tour is the way to go. This network of guided tours focuses on architectural hotspots. A new initiative called World Architecture Travel X Serbia allows visitors to explore these places at their own pace. You will be able to see a variety of landmarks and sites during five days, covering more than 1100 kilometers.

Your driver will provide you with a detailed route map, and fully-equipped luxury vehicles that are equipped with mechanical support and backup for any trouble spots. While you are on your self-drive tour of Serbia, you will see a scenic drive along the Danube and in the capital city of Belgrade. Along the way, you will visit historical sites from the time of Constantine. Your driver will also take you to Nis, Serbia’s third largest city, which features a preserved Nazi concentration camp.

Afterward, head north-west to the Golija and Rogozna mountains to discover Drvengrad, Serbia’s traditional wooden village and timber town. The old town was built as a film set for the movie “Life is a Miracle,” but was never completely deconstructed. The city is surrounded by canyons and protected nature parks. Its medieval architecture, ruins, and monuments make this a must-see for any architecture fan.

If you’re traveling with a car, you’ll need a car to navigate the country. You can also rent a car and drive your own way between the sights. You’ll also need a map and GPS for your self-driven Serbia tour. Using a GPS can help you plan the itinerary to best suit your needs. You can choose from a variety of tours.

While most of these tours are self-guided, it’s still possible to find a group that offers a full-guided tour that meets your needs. While the group size is small, a self-guided tour of Serbia’s architectural gems is a great way to discover this wonderful country. It’s also an affordable way to see a large number of sights in a small amount of time.

While on your self-guided tour of Serbia, you can also go sightseeing in the capital city of Belgrade. The historic center of the country, the Belgrade Cathedral is one of the most popular sights for tourists. It has an incredible interior with lavish crypts. There’s another church under the main church, but it’s far from the center. If you’re in Belgrade for a business conference or a romantic getaway, take some time to check out the historic Old Town.

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When you’re in the mood to explore the country on your own, go on a self-guided tour of Serbia with World Architecture Travel. The company’s itinerary covers the entire country in three to 14 days. With short distances and inexpensive car rentals, it’s possible to complete a