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From being a true estate entrepreneur to a social media coach, 28 years old Mike Sherrard is well-versed in many fields and features a craze for knowledge. He’s also a content creator and is gaining popularity for his simple yet creatively presented ideologies.


He is currently licensed at eXp Realty and is claimed to possess formed the inspiration of the fastest growing team of agents within the history of the corporate with over 300 agents joining under him within the primary year since he took over the work.

In 2020 he joined eXp Realty and within a span of 12 months, had built the fastest growing team of agents within the history of the corporate with quite 300 people working under him in his group, the wolf pack. To date, under his guidance, quite 3000 agents have enrolled in his social media education program for realtors.

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  1. Mike focuses on leveraging social media to assist others to scale their business and become a contemporary agents.
  2. He aims to empower the agents themselves and show them how they will build their brand and generate their leads using creative and innovative strategies.
  3. He focuses on creating an educational program to point out to other agents the way to scale their business using social media via his YouTube channel. The wolf pack gets access to all or any of his social media courses and has direct access to free coaching and mentorship whenever they have it.
  4. He has helped thousands of agents scale their business and double their business by implementing strategies.
  5. He has ranked #1 realtor on social media in Calgary and Alberta. He was also ranked #1 social media coach on YouTube.
  6. He was also featured on most of the highest podcast and YouTube channels associated with the land. In his first year, he remodeled 7 figures from his online training.
  7. Mike Sherrard aims to possess 3000 agents in his wolf pack group within the approaching 2 years. Generally, he’s looking forward to collaborating with a fantastic like-minded entrepreneur and make a lifestyle where he can enjoy his passion and time together with his family and friends. Through consistency and diligence.
  8. Mike has become one of the famous and rising social media coaches and entrepreneurs currently present within the industry.

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Mike Sherrard may be a very inspirational personality who has achieved tons even in the face of the adversity that each ambitious individual must face.

His struggles have made him even stronger, giving him the drive to realize all he has begun to try to do too.

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  1. Mike is that no. 1 YouTuber with land as his niche.

10.He has remodeled 7-figures from his online training within the primary year (and $250k in April alone).

11.He has also been featured in many podcasts and YouTube channels that are associated with the land.

Even after achieving such a lot, Mike Sherrard may be a right down-to-earth and humble person. He wishes to measure life on his terms.

Check out his Instagram at @mike_sherrard