Jr. Michael selfie with BS Sneakers and Pictures of BS Sneakers

Most of you would have known him but for those who don’t, Jr.Michael is an amazing actor with outstanding acting skills. He hails from Queens, New York. The great artist is not only an actor but an incredible writer and director as well. 


Jr.Michael was interested in music from an early age and therefore participated in acting performances during his school and college times. He started performing at school when he was only ten, and today, he is a renowned artist with a huge fan base. He has made his name in the industry with his exemplary skills and talent as an actor. Jr. Micheal believes that making efforts to the fullest, paying attention to the surroundings, and concentrating on other’s workings, can be helpful in one’s journey to become an actor. 


However, the King of acting has decided to launch his sneaker line under the name, “BS”. Of course, this name is not just a random one but has a thoughtful reason behind it. BS means what we go through and suffer in our daily lives. This is a fact that throughout our lives whether we are young, adult, or old, we have to face obstacles continuously one after another. Everyone’s life is a bumpy road and that’s how it is meant to be. 

The new sneaker line expresses this thought that life can be really difficult at times but no matter how hard it gets, we have to face it, accept it and move on with it. We have to be stronger than our problems. BS, the new sneaker line also represents the social and political views during the late 90s and early 2000s, it explains how the communities have to face problems and difficulties. 

You must be thinking why Jr. Micheal wants to promote his message through his sneaker line. Here is the answer. He wants to create a new way of expressing one’s views and opinions through his clothes. What a person wears is a great reflection of what he thinks. Jr. Micheal’s new brand BS sneakers are set to be released in late September and he is more motivated than ever to spread his message to the public through these sneakers. He is hoping to see his goal being achieved and his brand inspiring everyone out there with their BS-struggling with their daily life problems but not giving up. 


Her is the link https://www.aliveshoes.com/bloody-sneaker-2