Officials said that a man from Iowa was arrested after ammunition and a rifle were discovered near his Chicago hotel room on the Fourth-of- July.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown Tuesday said that a member of the W Hotel’s cleaning staff alerted authorities to firearms found in “a very suspicious place” inside one of the hotel rooms.

Brown stated that the handgun and rifle were found on the windowsill in the hotel room’s window on the weekend. Prosecutors confirmed Tuesday that the rifle was equipped with four magazines and had a live round inside.

The hotel is located overlooking Navy Pier and the lakefront where thousands gather to celebrate Fourth of July.

Keegan Casteel (32), of Ankeny in Iowa was arrested by the Chicago Police Department’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. Police said that he was charged with two felonies of aggravated illegal use of a firearm.

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Casteel appeared in court Tuesday. He was placed under $10,000 bail, according to WLS. Casteel will be allowed to return to Iowa if he posts bond.

This setup was reminiscent of the massacre in Las Vegas that took place on the 32nd Floor Mandalay Bay Hotel to the Route 91 Harvest music festival, killing 60 people and injuring hundreds more.

Brown stated that the hotel employee “likely prevented” a tragedy from occurring.