A tremendous live concert in Daytona Beach, Florida, dropped a portion of its greatest sets this end of the week because of serious harsh weather conditions, leaving huge number of fans disheartened. The Welcome to Rockville Festival would have included featuring exhibitions by Korn, Breaking Benjamin and other darling groups in the hard rock and weighty metal kinds. As per a report by Loudwire, a considerable lot of the exhibitions on Friday and Saturday night were dropped without a second to spare.

Daytona Beach and other encompassing pieces of Florida are at present being hit by odd types of outrageous climate, making an open air live event essentially incomprehensible. On top of an extreme heatwave, the landmass has been hit by huge rainstorms with undermining lightning and heavy rains. For fans that picked to set up camp on the celebration grounds, this was what was going on in any case, yet ideally, the dropping of the actual shows urged individuals to track down cover.

The weather conditions might have likewise influenced a groups’ capacity to get to the show on time. On Friday, Megadeth dropped its set on account of “travel delays.” Skillet likewise exited because of vague weather conditions issues. Simultaneously, celebration coordinators gave desperate alerts to participants pretty much all the wellbeing safety measures set up and assets for getting their effects.

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The undoings forged ahead with Saturday night. A few entertainers needed to stop their sets, including Jerry Cantrell and Shinedown. In the mean time, the night’s huge main event, Guns N’ Roses exited by and large. In any case, some Saturday exhibitions were just delayed and rescheduled by celebration coordinators. Those included Dirty Honey, Alexisonfire, Sick, all things considered, and Saul.
“Sadly there is another tempest pointed our direction so we remorsefully will drop the remainder of the show this evening,” celebration coordinators wrote in a message to participants and a public post via online entertainment. “We are however devastated as you may be that the present harsh weather conditions has disturbed our arrangements, at the end of the day the wellbeing of our fans, craftsmen, staff and merchants are of the highest significance. Kindly advance toward your vehicle or campsite smoothly. Much obliged to you and see you tomorrow.”

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