LinkedIn is a better platform than your company website for posting blogs

I am often asked, “Why isn’t anyone reading my blog?” Unless you are in the publishing industry, it is because no one is visiting your website to read your blogs. You are probably not notifying people that your blog is published on your website, even if they are interested in the blog posts.

LinkedIn has 780 million users who are looking for content. All your LinkedIn followers can see what you post. This is the opposite of “build it, they will come” because LinkedIn already created it.

What do visitors to your company website typically expect? They want to know about you, your business, and where you can be found. This makes complete sense. This is what websites are built around: pages like About Us, Services, and Contact Us.

A blog section may be a useful tool for companies with stronger marketing capabilities. It can help boost search engine rankings, engage customers, and foster thought leadership. Think about it: Most people aren’t visiting your site to read your blog posts.

If it doesn’t generate likes, shares, and engagement, what good is content? Even if they find your blog, no one will share it. They will, however, share your blog on LinkedIn as it is easy to interact with and available in the feed. Do you think anyone will comment on a website? LinkedIn is a great way to enhance your personal branding.

You won’t know who your blog visitors are unless you set up tracking tools. Because people are more aware of cookies, the laws regarding opting in or out of cookies have changed. Apple has also shut down the ability to target individuals through cookies. This means that you have less chance of tracking visitors to your website.

LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to do that. Because people must log in to view their profiles, you can see the details of who has liked, commented, shared, or shared your content. You can also view the profiles of those who have viewed your content.

LinkedIn offers SmartLinks as part of the Sales Navigator Team subscription. This can be used on all your websites. It’s even used for my Forbes page. I use it to track who visits my Forbes page via LinkedIn. However, you can use it for any content or website.

As I have observed, the main thing about all social media is that people rarely leave once they are on it. You must engage with them on the platform they choose.

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Follow the data. Follow the usage patterns of potential customers. LinkedIn is the best place to publish, not your website.