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Hi Elizabeth Vega, I hope you are doing well. When did you start travel blogging?

I started traveling at an early age. 

Why did you choose to be a travel blogger? 

I chose to be a travel Fashion influencer because this way I was able to bring the taste of each culture , food and different places to the people all around the world. Through my blog, all the people have access to knowing about different countries where they wish to visit and explore. I love to help people see the real pictures and share real experiences with them so that they can decide which country will be the best choice for them to visit. 

What was your experience as a travel blogger?

My experience as a travel blogger is extremely entertaining not only for me but for my audience as well. I love how my travel blog influences and convinces people to travel to different places, enjoy different foods and cultures. The world is full of different types of people, awe-inspiring places and there is so much to explore. I want the world to move with me to different places, experience what I experience, and feel what I feel. When my followers appreciate me, it motivates me more and more to make myself better as a travel blogger. Although, there have been points where traveling and blogging simultaneously become a challenge for me but the love, appreciation, and joy that comes with it is worth it. 

How many countries have you been and where do you plan to visit next?

I am planning to go to India, Iceland, Maldivas ,Peru, Croatia, Ireland. 

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So, Elizabeth. Which country do you think was the best destination for traveling?

My favorite place so far has been Bali, the people, the food, the environment, and its vibes, everything just hits right and is perfect. 

Which place has the best food?

I have travelled around 40 countries and I think Greece has the best food. Sea food, especially fish, is the best and I love it. 

What is the best thing about traveling?

According to me, the best thing about traveling is exploring different places. Visiting and seeing the places, the views that I only get to see in pictures is the best aspect of traveling. Since the beginning, I have loved to meet new people, experience different kinds of foods, and enjoy new environments of places and I feel lucky that my dream has come true. Traveling just lifts your mood and keeps you away from your problems for a while. You can relax, enjoy and be at peace and I think there is nothing better than this. 

Any tips for young travel bloggers?

The very first thing that every travel blogger should keep in mind is that the key to success is consistency. Everyone starts from a few followers, it depends upon your work, the hard work you put into it that takes you to a successful path ahead. So never lose hope and continue to put more and more effort into your content and hope you will achieve what you want. Prioritize quality over quantity. You might post less content than your fellow bloggers but make sure that you post quality content which is the most important way to drive traffic to your post. Keep working on your skills, follow trends and try to make every video or picture better than the last one. Constantly remind yourself that the number of likes or followers has nothing to do with your success or talent. You are equally talented as any other travel blogger with thousands of likes and followers. You just need to work smart and hard to captivate your followers with your content. 

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Do you recommend party nights or morning tourism?

It depends on the place. Some places have best tourist destinations to visit during the day time while some places have the best night clubs in the world. 

However, I’m an early person and I enjoy traveling in the morning. Places where I can connect with nature, rivers ,mountains , long walks. The views and scenery of different places has different vibes and it really is very peaceful. However, there are places where I love to visit luxury restaurants and taste high-end food. Also, I am a happy person who loves to dance so if I visit a place that has a good night lifestyle, I enjoy going to nightclubs.

Where can people connect with you?

People can connect with me on my official website Elizabethvegaofficial or my Instagram page @elizabethvegaofficial