“Hard Cell”: Netflix Casts For Catherine Tate Prison Comedy Series

Lady Gaga walks along an Italian side street, covered in furs and gold in the trailer for Ridley Scott’s “House of Gucci.” She says, in a voice fry, “It was a name that sounded such sweet,” and she continues: “It was so seductive.”Lady Gaga looks stunning in the new trailer for 'House of Gucci.

The fashion biopic was set in Italy in 1995 and centers on Patrizia Reggiani (Gaga), an Italian socialite who, after marrying into fashion royalty, was sentenced to 29 years imprisonment for plotting to murder husband Maurizio Gucci. Adam Driver is the heir to Gucci’s empire.
It’s an irresistible story of wealth, betrayal, and maddening in-laws, as well as murder. The film, which will be released in US cinemas on November 24, is based upon the book “The House Of Gucci” by Sara Gay Forde. It examines “what a name really means, how it’s worth, as well as what a family will do to control the situation,” according to the production studio Universal Pictures.
The new trailer features fur coats, a lot of jewelry, and perfectly tailored suits. Gaga appears to be dressed to kill thanks to Janty Yates’ costume design. However, some stars are not easily recognizable. Jared Leto, who has a receding hairline as well as substantial facial prosthetics, has become a very old man. He is portrayed as Paolo Gucci, an Italian businessman and ex-vice-president of Gucci. Al Pacino portrays Aldo Gucci (the son of Guccio Gucci), the founder of the luxury brand.
Variety reports that Yates had full access to Gucci’s archive to create looks for the stars. However, the fashion show on the show seems to extend far beyond the Gucci label. The first scenes show a mix of vintage and modern ready-to-wear fashions from designers like Max Mara, Burberry, and Sandro.

Gucci and Reggiani were among Italy’s most loved celebrity couples in the 1970s and 1980s. They mingled with other famous duos such as Jackie Onassis or John F. Kennedy. Their portmanteau even got a personal number plate: “Maurizia”.

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The assassination of Maurizio Gucci became the biggest scandal of the 1990s. His hot-headed wife was also a major story. The fashion feud that led to the death of Maurizio Gucci has been revived for the benefit of a worldwide audience.