Recently, Kendall Jenner has decided to block all toe comments on social media. The reality star has posed in a blur print dress with black thong sandals while poking fun at Instagram trolls. She also said that she would block all toe pictures. But Khloe and Kylie Kardashian ignored her warning, and they still commented on her toes.

In an Instagram post, Kendall Jenner joked about blocking all toe comments. The comments were directed at her toes because of her long toes. In the following Instagram post, she showed off her big toes and posed in a black slipper. She added: “At least this way, I won’t get any more trolls spouting comments on my toes,” she wrote.

The supermodel has long been the target of Internet trolls, but she recently responded in an emoji-laden post to a troll who called her toes “big”. In the caption of her most recent Instagram post, she posed in black slippers with her feet showing. In the same caption, she said that she was blocking all toe comments.

In response to the attacks on her toes, Kendall Jenner has been working to stop the negative remarks. She reportedly plans to use an app to delete comments about her feet. She has blasted toe trolls since she was a teenager, and it seems that they have finally caught on. Whether it’s about her toes or her dress, it’s obvious that the internet loves to comment on her toes.

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A recent Instagram post by the supermodel, jokingly mocking toe trolls, explains why she was deleting her Instagram account and deleting all the negative comments on her toes. After the comment was published, the model decided to block all comments that were aimed at her feet. She was referencing a troll who commented on her toes.

The troll referred to the toes of a model in a comment on her Instagram post. Fortunately, it’s not the only one who made fun of Kendall Jenner’s toes. Other models have also been the victims of toe trolls. In fact, many celebrities have been the target of toe trolls.

Despite the negative comments that are targeted at her toes, she continues to walk the red carpet and post videos of herself. On March 27, she attended the Vanity Fair Oscars party in a custom Balenciaga gown. She reunited with Hailey Bieber and reportedly went on a double date with the singer. The two were spotted in Santa Monica together.

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