Will Smith’s onstage assault stunned a Dolby Theatre audience on Monday, and now his former co-star Janet Hubert is dishing out her story. The actress, who starred with Smith in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” said she held resentment against the actor for years. The incident even led some producers to postpone projects with Smith.

After the incident on the set of King Richard, Will Smith’s co-stars have taken to Twitter to rant and rave about the actor’s evil behaviour on set. Nicki Minaj argued that he and the director, Chris Rock, were both at fault and that the actors were just putting on a show. Ernest Owens questioned whether Smith was legally correct in his actions.

As a co-star of Will Smith, Paul Rodriguez has spoken out about the actor’s misbehaviour on the set. In a Vulture article published in February 2016, Paul detailed the allegations of mistreatment on the set. He believes that the incident will not harm Smith’s career. Regardless, the actor is a very good actor, and it will be a long time before his career will take a hit.

Will Smith’s co-stars have spoken out about his ‘evil’ behavior on the set. ‘The Oscars are the only place where a black man has won an Oscar for best actor, and they are not letting this happen. His fans are urging the academy to take action and disqualify Smith from the award. There’s no need to let a little boy ruin their Oscar.

‘Ali’ stars have spoken out about the incidents. But what makes Ali so evil? ‘, asked Paul Rodriguez. The film star tweeted that he and his co-stars were wronged and both had acted in a “nastily violent way’. ‘All of us are in the wrong,’ he added.

‘Ali’ was a hit in the box office. But the actor’s recent assault on comedian Chris Rock has received a huge backlash. The actor had only made the joke on behalf of his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. And the scandal has prompted many celebrities to comment on the incident. ‘Ali’ is a movie that Will make you laugh – and it’s also a love letter to his female co-star.

Will Smith’s attack on Chris Rock during the Oscars has sparked a massive backlash online. The actor, who is a god, has a “dangerous streak” that is unmistakable. But his fellow actors are still standing by him and have no problem criticising him for it. In addition, the actress has even defended her co-star.

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