Keanu Reeves the Greatest Actors of Our Time

Keanu Reeves was born in Canada and is a well-known actor in the action films and comedy genre. He is best known for his role as Neo in the Matrix series. Keanu is married to Nic Cage and has two children. In fact, he has three listed as his children with his former wife Patti LaBelle.


Keanu was a martial arts fighter in the movie The Mask. In his early years, he trained in Muay Thai Boxing, Taekwondo, Keno, and Judo. He even tried his hand in Russian kickboxing. In addition, he appeared in action movies such as The Replacements, The Replengers, and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Overall, he became an action star with such films as Face off, End of Watch, Bodyguard, and Face it.


Recently, Reeves went back to his action role. He was in the film The Day the Earth Stood Still playing a cyborg. Some people have criticized this move, as the audience needs to be educated on what a cyborg is. However, others have seen the benefit of portraying this character. As we all know, cyberpunk is usually a teenager who is an expert hacker.

Keanu Reeves

So, in order to further advance the plot of cyberpunk movies, how can an adult like Reeves go back to his action roles? He has said that he would love to do more films in the future with a more serious tone. However, he thinks of these things in the future. For now, he will stick to the humor that he has provided us with so far.


One of the funniest movies of the year was The Day the Earth Stood Still. This was no doubt a box office hit because of its lead character. Reeves was a leading man worthy of the role of Max Headly in the first film. In fact, many of the viewers voted him the best leading man ever.


Some other great actors who have been mentioned since the release of The Day the Earth Stood Still are Russell Crowe and Eddie Murphy. However, there are a couple of others who have also received notice for their roles. These include Bill Murray and Jack Nicholson. Who knows, maybe Keanu will follow in the footsteps of these great actors, and begin his own interesting career.


One actor who impressed many fans was Ed Harris. He has received a lot of negative criticism from some viewers, but it must be said that his acting skills are very good. As for his role, he played a terminally ill man who wanted to end his life. In the end, it was his strong faith in himself, which did the trick. Although not a favorite of audiences, he did his job very well.


Among the other strong contenders for the title of “the greatest ever” are Bruce Willis and Jet Li. Both actors played a different kind of roles but acted with equal skill. Jet Li’s role was more action-oriented, while Bruce Willis was more on the psychological front. The two characters are probably the best examples of how a character should be portrayed in a movie. They were convincing characters and extremely believable. All in all, Keanu is one of the biggest draws of the nineties.

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One other actor who deserves mention is Tom Hanks. Although not as exciting as Keanu, he did manage to retain a place in the hearts of many viewers. When Hanks took over the starring role of Reuben Feffer in the movie We Are Marshall, people simply had to see what kind of movie actor he could be. His performance was undoubtedly great. Everyone who saw him in this film had to see what kind of movie star he could be.


Of course, there is no discussion of Keanu without mentioning his contribution to the world of television. For anyone who does not know, he was one of the original members of the W.C. Team. This group of television writers and producers worked together in the seventies and the eighties, to create some of the most popular television show that we know. These shows were usually fun and funny, focusing more on their casts rather than their writers.


There is no doubt that Keanu is an incredibly talented actor. His range is incredible and his acting abilities are truly legendary. I cannot say enough about him. He is one of those rare talents that actually manages to be entertaining on multiple levels. I would definitely recommend him to any fan of good comedy, regardless of their age.

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