The Greatest Russell Crowe Movies Of All Time - Part 2

Russell Crowe has been an active actor throughout the years. He began in Hollywood as an extra in some of the best films of the 1970s including Camelot and MIB: Men In Black. He then went on to star in a number of well-received films including The Bill, Good Morning, Bad Boys and finally, A Few Good Men. Russell Crowe is one of those characters that can be said to have achieved success after achieving stardom. In fact, all of his films since have been box office hits and his roles as well as his earnings as an actor certainly indicate that he will continue to do so for many more years to come.


Russell Crowe’s best known works are probably his two films with the King. Among those would be the two Man With One Red Shoe and One Foot in the grave. These two movies are the highest grossing films of all time and are certainly the pinnacle of all that is Russel Crowe. Both were made during the 1990s and they are definitely some of the best films of that decade. Both films, along with his other work, have been paragons of excellent films.

Russel Crowe

If one was looking for the films that marked Russell Crowe’s best films, one could not have been easier than The Hours, A Few Good Men, and A Fish called Wanda. The first film of Crowe’s that is worthy of mention here is the underrated A Few Good Men. It is a true ensemble piece and is directed by David Fincher. This film won four Academy Awards including Best Picture and is considered to be one of the best films of the decade. Other great Russell Crowe works include the romance The Pursuit of Happyness, the action-packed chase comedy Missing, and the coming of age drama Seabiscuit.


Of course, one would also have to include A Fish called Wanda in this list of the greatest Russell Crowe films. After all, the only reason that A Fish Called Wanda did not receive an award at the Oscars is that it lost by a slim margin to Gladiator. However, A Fish Called Wanda is still considered to be one of the greatest films of all-time and is just as entertaining to audiences today as it was when it was first shown. There are a lot of masterful performances throughout, and Angelina Jolie and Jeff Bridges do their respective best, providing great comic relief and some great fights as well.


The late 1990s brought us the classic A Few Good Men, which is arguably as Russell Crowe’s finest work to date. In fact, many consider it to be as good as anything he has ever done. This film stars Michael Douglas as the corrupt attorney representing the antagonist, while Edward Norton plays the other major supporting character. Though it does have some dark elements, it is largely a light-hearted comedy with great characters. This is definitely one of the better Russell Crowe films, and is a definite must-see if you have never seen it before. Both parts are incredible, with great acting and chemistry between the actors.


One other fantastic Crowe film that people may not have even heard of was The Damned United. This is about two North Carolina natives who escape from an African prison camp and discover a gold mine. It stars Ed Harris and Jason Statham, both quite new actors who put on sensational, exciting shows in this part of the trilogy. Though not as successful as the previous film, it is still a worthy effort, and is a fantastic part of the trilogy that every true fan of Russell Crowe should see.

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No discussion of Russell Crowe mustn’t include the incredibly entertaining A History Of Violence. Though not on the same level as some other films in this franchise (i.e. There’s An Old Lady Who Can Remember Her Past), A History Of Violence nonetheless remains a highly entertaining film, and is well worth the time spent. It’s also worth a mention that the late Robert DeNiro makes a surprisingly good role in this film, as a ruthless warlord. A History Of Violence is one of the best films of 2021 and is sure to be a big winner once it is released next year.


One other fantastic Crowe film that isn’t on this list is The Night Manager. Though this isn’t considered a part of the trilogy, or part of Russell Crowe’s “big three” of films, it is another excellent performance by the actor. Though not a horror film, it still contains some of the same thrilling, suspenseful elements of the earlier films in the series. It’s definitely worth a look.

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