Kathy Griffin Recalls Having Dinner with Melanie Griffith

It was dinner with a difference when Kathy Griffin had dinner with Melanie Griffith. The comedian and the actress, who are both outspoken feminists, met to discuss their work in Hollywood and the #MeToo movement. Griffin is no stranger to making headlines, but this time she made headlines for the right reasons. In a blog post on her website, she recalled her dinner with Griffith and how they discussed the progress of the #MeToo movement in Hollywood. “It was so inspiring to hear her talk about the progress that has been made since she started working in Hollywood,” Griffin wrote. “We also discussed the importance of intersectionality in feminism and how we need to continue to fight for all women, not just white women.” Read on for more from Griffin’s blog post about her dinner with Griffith and their discussion of feminism in Hollywood.

Kathy Griffin is a comedian and actress

Kathy Griffin is a comedian and actress who is perhaps best known for her outrageous sense of humor. She’s also no stranger to Hollywood, having spent many years living and working in Los Angeles. So it’s no surprise that she would have dinner with another famous face from time to time.

That’s exactly what happened when Kathy had dinner with Melanie Griffith recently. The two women had a lot to catch up on since they hadn’t seen each other in quite a while. They talked about their careers, and their families, and of course, gossiped a little bit about Hollywood. It sounds like they had a great time catching up!

Melanie Griffith is an actress

Melanie Griffith is an actress who got her start in the film industry at a young age. She has starred in some iconic films, such as “Working Girl” and “Body Double”. Most recently, she has been appearing on the television show “The Comedians”.

Griffith was born in New York City to parents Tippi Hedren and Peter Griffith. Hedren is also an actress, best known for her work in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. Griffith’s paternal grandfather was writer/producer Frank Lloyd Wright.

Griffith began her acting career at the age of five when she appeared in a commercial for Coppertone suntan lotion. She went on to have small roles in several films throughout the 1970s, including “The Drowning Pool” and “One-on-One”.

Kathy Griffin Recalls Having Dinner with Melanie Griffith

In 1984, Griffith starred in the hit film “Body Double”, directed by Brian De Palma. The following year, she starred opposite Harrison Ford in the blockbuster hit “Witness”. In 1988, she starred in another commercially successful film, “Working Girl”, for which she received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

In recent years, Griffith has appeared mostly on television. She had a recurring role on the show “Nip/Tuck” from 2006 to 2009, and more recently has been appearing on the FX comedy series “The Comedians”.

They had dinner together once

Kathy Griffin and Melanie Griffith had dinner together once, and it was an experience Kathy will never forget. Kathy recalls that the conversation was flowing and they were both having a great time. However, the evening took a turn when Melanie started talking about her then-husband Antonio Banderas. Melanie revealed that she was unhappy in her marriage and that she was considering leaving Antonio.

Kathy says she was caught off guard by this confession and didn’t know how to respond. She eventually told Melanie that she thought she deserved to be happy and that if she wasn’t happy in her marriage, then she should leave. Kathy says it was a surreal experience having dinner with someone who was so open and honest about their life.

Kathy found Melanie to be very down to earth

Kathy Griffin had dinner with Melanie Griffith recently and was impressed by how down-to-earth the actress was. Griffith was open and honest about her struggles with addiction and mental health, and Griffin found her to be a refreshingly normal person.


It’s always interesting to hear about celebrities’ dinner experiences, and Kathy Griffin’s story about having dinner with Melanie Griffith is no exception. It’s clear that Kathy had a great time getting to know Melanie and hearing about her life and career. We hope that you enjoyed reading about their dinner date as much as we did!