After being banned from Instagram for 24 hours, Kanye West stepped out with his son Saint at a basketball game. The two were spotted sitting front row, flanked by the Golden State Warriors’ Peter Guber and Pete Davidson, during a game between the two teams. While the two were at the Chase Center, Kanye was seen leaning down to watch his son, whose name is Saint.

According to reports, Kanye West was spotted with his son Saint at a basketball game on Saturday, where the Golden State Warriors beat the San Antonio Spurs 88-110. After being banned from Instagram for vile behavior, the rapper was spotted with his son and reportedly posed with Guber while watching the game. While they were playing basketball, Kanye appeared to be talking to Guber, who coached the game for the Los Angeles Clippers.

After being banned from Instagram, Kanye West has been spotted with his son Saint. The star’s son was reportedly a cheerleader at the game. He was reportedly accompanied by a bodyguard. After the suspension, the rapper has been banned from the social network for 24 hours. The rap mogul had previously been kicked off the platform for violating Instagram’s hate speech, bullying, and harassment policies. The move was made to prevent the star from furthering his feud with Kim Kardashian. He has also been seen smiling with the crowd and greeting ESPN announcers.

After being banned from Instagram for violating its policies regarding hate speech and harassment, Kanye West stepped out to watch his son attend a basketball game in his new home across the street from his former wife Kim Kardashian. In addition, the star was seen chatting with a friend while sitting with his son Saint in a court. The NBA’s match with the Golden State Warriors reportedly cost the NBA owner an incredible 88-110 loss.

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After being kicked off Instagram over vile comments, Kanye West spotted with his son Saint at a basketball game. The father of three, who shares three children with Kim Kardashian, said he was trying to protect his son from Kim Kardashian’s ex. During the game, he and his son were seated in the same seat, and a basketball court was being played in the background.

After being banned from Instagram for vile comments, Kanye West was spotted with his son Saint at a basketball game. The star, who has four kids with Kim Kardashian, was seen with his son in a picture taken during a basketball game, while also greeting the announcers and the crowd. The two were filmed by different cameras in the court, and he subsequently deleted the video.

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