The American rapper Kanye West has been accused of spreading rumours that Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend has AIDS. According to sources, the singer is a friend of Pete Davidson. They have been dating since 2008. But the two have been very distant and a lot of mutual friends are upset about the rumour. And now, Kanye is spreading more nonsense.

However, Kanye West’s recent comments have led to another rumour. The rapper has admitted to wearing a COVID mask during a fight with his estranged wife Kim Kardashian. It’s unclear if the rapper has AIDS, but he has a history of spreading false information and he’s always up for a good debate. But for now, he’s proving he’s a one hitter-quitter.

The rapper has denied spreading AIDS rumors and says he is a fan of the celebrity couple. ‘Eazy’, which Kanye released earlier this month, is the latest of his public shots against the star and the singer. The ‘Eazy’ lyrics seem to be directed at Pete Davidson, and were written by DJ Akademiks.

It seems that Kanye West has turned to high school tactics to attack his new relationship with Kim Kardashian. His latest rumour about Pete Davidson’s AIDS diagnosis has even reached Davidson’s new partner. The rumor has caused awkward phone calls, confusing mutual friends, and more. So, let’s see if Kanye is behind the rumour.

Although Kim and Pete Davidson are not yet confirmed to have AIDS, the two have been publicly dating for some time. They first met in September and went on a romantic vacation to the Bahamas together. In early 2017, Kanye’s immature antics prompted Kim to go on a trip with Pete to celebrate his 40th birthday.

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The rumor was first reported by social media personality DJ Akademiks. Later, sources close to Pete confirmed the claims. While there are many reasons why a man would want to be ill, AIDS is not the only cause for the rumor. Whether or not Pete Davidson has AIDS is a personal decision and has nothing to do with Kanye.

While he has not said it in public, the rapper has said it in his new song “Easy.” Despite the rumours, both Davidson and Kim Kardashian have been living separately since February. The alleged relationship began with a kiss. But later, the couple were spotted kissing during a Saturday Night Live skit.

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