The royals have invited the couple to their upcoming holiday special. Tom and Zendaya are longtime friends of the Duchess of Sussex and agreed to meet in secret in Montecito. However, the couple has been left with no other choice. The movie was recently cancelled, and Spotify has taken over production. The royal couple is hoping to save their multi-million dollar Netflix deal by securing a new deal with the Spider-Man couple.

Kensington Palace is trying to salvage the deal with Netflix, but it seems that the royals are in talks with Hollywood stars, including Spider-Man couple Tom Holland and Zendayoa. Earlier this month, the couple posed for a cover of The Hollywood Reporter. In July, the couple was cast as the titular Spider-Man couple. It was the first time the couple have been spotted together in public.

As part of their efforts to salvage the Netflix deal, the couple have met Spider-Man movie stars Tom Holland and Zendaya. They have also spoken with their predecessors in the film. While they were not seen meeting Tom and his wife, they did meet them secretly. The royal couple asked the actors to meet them so they could discuss their upcoming PS18m Spotify podcast project.

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A source close to the royal couple told The Hollywood Reporter that the two actors are in talks about a movie project that involves the couple. The couple said that they wanted to have the opportunity to meet Spider-Man and his wife, MJ. The movie has grossed PS1.27 billion worldwide and is currently on track to make PS18billion worldwide. They have also been busy with the production of their wedding, and contacted the actors.

While the royals did not confirm the news of the meeting, the pair did share a photo with the couple in London. The couple was spotted laughing with the couple at the Palace Theatre in the West End. It is not known if they will be the bride and groom’s friends. Both of them had been photographed together at a royal event in the past. The new princes are now trying to make it official with the couple, which will include an appearance on Oprah.

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The royals’ visit to Hollywood was planned for the past few months. The pair also had dinner with the famous actors of Spider-Man. One of the celebrities who met the couple was Tom Holland, who is known for his love for Zendaya. It is believed that he is the husband of the princess and the son of Dominic. Both of them grew up close to Kensington Palace, which is one of the reasons they were so interested in meeting them.