After a fan reportedly punched Kanye West in the face, the rapper has responded by posting a disturbing photo on Instagram. The image appears to be an animal skin, and it was captioned with the words ‘MY LIFE WAS NEVER EAZY’. It’s unclear who took the picture, but it appears to depict an artistic rendition of an animal with a red background. The singer also tagged fellow musical artist The Game and set the image as his main picture.

The video shows the musician being “enraged,” and screaming at witnesses as the alleged victim lies on the ground. It’s unclear if the musician has been charged in the incident. The rap star has been accused of punching a fan in the face earlier this week, but he has avoided harsh penalties and has avoided jail time in previous cases. The singer was arrested twice for alleged attacks on photographers, including one in 2008 and another in 2013. In both instances, the musician avoided jail time and was allowed to settle the case with his alleged victims.

The shocking image was posted by Kanye West on Instagram following the musician’s recent accusations of punching a fan. The singer appeared to be enraged in the photo, screaming at witnesses and yelling at security personnel as he laid on the ground. The incident occurred outside the Soho Warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. According to the police report, the rapper was approached by a fan outside a nightclub while he was performing and the two exchanged words. The confrontation quickly escalated into a physical confrontation between the two men.

The incident has left a lasting impression on the fans and Kanye West has apologized for his actions. While the situation is still being investigated, the rapper’s tweets and video have already been shared by many fans online. In the meantime, he is currently en route to Coachella to perform his next concert. If the allegations are true, the artist is facing a misdemeanor charge of battery.

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The star has since denied the allegations of a fan being punched by him. The incident was reported shortly after the rapper’s appearance at the Coachella festival in April. The singer reportedly slammed the fan with his car, knocking him to the ground in the process. He did not get the police to the scene until the next morning, but the victim did later seek treatment for his alleged injuries.

The alleged altercation between Kanye West and the fan took place around 3am on Tuesday. The rapper was reportedly sitting in an SUV outside a members-only club at the time. A representative for the LAPD said he is a suspect and was not injured. Although the police are unable to make any arrests, the incident is being investigated.