In a fresh method to confirm the authenticity for users, Instagram is reportedly soliciting video selfies from users who are new. However, the system isn’t yet fully developed.

Instagram has struggled for a long time with fake accounts or bots. An account that is fake on Instagram is one that has false information and credentials that can be used by criminals to harass, deceive or annoy other users of the platform. However bot accounts are computer-generated accounts that are not related to the actual user of the platform. In the last few months, Instagram has come with an option to address the issue of video selfies.

A new method has been developed to confirm the identity of users Instagram is reportedly soliciting video selfies from users who are that have joined the platform. A video selfie is taking pictures of your face from different angles to assist the AI determine if a user is real. Instagram requests new users to take videos of themselves as part of creating accounts. Although it appears like an effective method to fight fake accounts and fake accounts but it’s not developed yet.

As per Alexander Chalkidis, a YouTube user, Instagram recognised a Barbie doll as a person in the process of creating an account. In the one-minute and seven second long video Chalkidis holds a doll in the front of the camera of the phone while confirming the existence of an account on Instagram. It was a surprise that the app recognized Barbie as a genuine user and continued with the creation of an account.

It is worth noting that Instagram introduced an identical feature in the year prior in which users were required to verify their identity using the aid of videos of themselves. After the update launched several users complained of problems with the identification system in the application , as well as it’s inability to identify users. Therefore, Instagram shut down the process of identifying videos for some time, but the application has now reinstated it.

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Based on what it appears to be it appears that it appears that the Instagram video selfie detection algorithm isn’t completely developed , since it cannot distinguish between dolls and real person. In retrospect, front camera-based facial unlocking functions have not worked on numerous smartphones, as they’ve been tricked by photos that are two-dimensional. The most sophisticated facial recognition system that is widely available phone is called the iPhone that utilizes a dot projection device to identify a variety of locations on a person’s face.