Kanye West has sparked a controversy by teasing Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, saying he is considering recreating the Will Smiths shocking Oscar scene. The rapper and musician is a big fan of Will and Kate Moss, and he’s been dating the model and actress since October. The pair are teasing about romance and the possibility of a relationship. It’s possible that the couple is already involved in a relationship, though the two have yet to reconcile.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Smith explained that he was inspired by the Oscars. He wanted to relive the moment of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock for making a joke about Jada’s bald head. The Oscars have been filled with embarrassing moments for A-listers. In 2017, the erroneous announcement of La Land’s win over Moonlight led to much controversy. Sacha Baron Cohen’s alleged Kim Jong-il ashes were uncovered by a journalist.

While Kanye West is reportedly considering a remake of the Will Smiths shocking Oscar moment, it remains to be seen whether the rapper will recreate the moment or not. It has been speculated that the pair will work together again in the future. Meanwhile, the rapper’s new film Ambulance will be released this year. While it’s unclear if the two will work together again, the Bad Boys movies are still available for streaming on Netflix.

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Kanye West is said to be thinking about a remake of the Will Smiths shocking Oscar scene. The rapper’s recent controversy with Pete Davidson is just one example of his strained relationship with Kim Kardashian. There is a chance that he’ll be influenced by the Hollywood actor’s adoration of his lady. But it’s too early to tell if Kanye West will actually try a comeback.

The rapper’s onstage slap on Rock’s head is a classic and has stood the test of time. It’s also one of the most famous Oscar scenes ever, despite the fact that Will Smith didn’t say anything. Unlike other Oscars, the actor has yet to publicly apologize for his actions, which was reportedly a prank aimed at a celebrity.

The actor’s controversial scenes have often gotten a lot of press and have even led to a slew of rumors. The star was teasing his fellow nominees in the film’s opening scene, which caused the audience to laugh out loud. He apologized for interrupting the speech by mentioning that he’d been “shocked” by his own remarks about the movie.

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