Judge Orders Trump's Children to Testify Under Oath in Real Estate Investigation

Judge Arthur Engoron has ordered former President Donald Trump testify under oath in New York State’s civil investigation. The ruling comes after the Attorney General of New York Letitia James issued subpoenas for the president to comply with. Under the subpoenas, Trump must appear in person for a deposition within 21 days.

Donald Trump’s eldest sister worked briefly for his father’s business

In a rare public appearance, Donald Trump’s eldest sister, Barbara Barry, explained her decision to stay away from the family’s real estate business. She had obtained a law degree from Hofstra University and a master’s degree from Columbia University. While Trump’s younger sisters worked in his father’s business for a brief period, they were never encouraged to enter it.

After graduating from college, Ivanka Trump joined her father’s business, serving as executive vice president of development. She has also expanded her eponymous clothing line, Ivanka Trump. Despite her family’s history of infamy, Ivanka is widely considered to be one of the most reasonable members of the Trump clan. She’s a strong advocate for child care and paid maternity leave and has argued that the stereotypical working woman wearing a black pant suit excludes older women, the working class, and other disadvantaged groups.

Ivanka Trump was an executive vice president

Ivanka was born in New York City on October 30, 1981, and was raised in Manhattan. The daughter of former President Donald Trump, she began modeling at the age of 10 and grew up in the city. She studied at the Wharton School and began working for a real estate development company outside of her father’s organization. In 2004, she joined the Trump Organization and became executive vice president of development. She was responsible for the interior design of the Trump Hotel Collection.

The first daughter of the current president has been a prominent fixture in her father’s political career. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Ivanka Trump introduced her father and spoke frequently on his behalf. She has also served as a confidant to her father, and she has been a vocal supporter of her father’s policies. In the 2016 presidential election cycle, she actively defended her father’s divisive comments.

Eric Trump refuses to testify in real estate investigation

A judge has set a deadline for Eric Trump to appear in court for a deposition in the New York real estate investigation. The investigation is about Trump’s involvement in the development of the Seven Springs property and the valuation he provided on the conservation easement. The investigation is ongoing and the president refused to testify in July. However, after his election, the president agreed to sit down for an interview.

As executive vice president of the Trump Organization, he is the custodian of company records. In the recent real estate investigation, the government is trying to get to the bottom of the questionable properties in the Trump Organization. Eric Trump’s refusal to testify is an excellent strategy for the president, who is avoiding the investigation. However, it’s futile for the investigation. While a Trump lawyer might claim that the executive is exercising his right to self-incrimination, a judge will likely rule in favor of the government.

Trump Organization misled banks or tax officials about the value of its holdings

A recent lawsuit filed against the Trump Organization alleged that the president and his business associates manipulated the value of their holdings to impress lenders. The lawsuit alleges that Trump and his business associates intentionally inflated the value of their New York and California properties to obtain economic benefits. While the lawsuit does not seek monetary damages, it does aim to question the president under oath. In a statement, the Trump Organization denies the allegations.

The Manhattan DA’s investigation stems from allegations by Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump’s former personal lawyer. Cohen alleges that the president and his business associates misrepresented the value of their holdings. The Trump Organization is facing a felony charge of tax fraud. Although prosecutors have yet to file a verdict, the probe continues to gather evidence about how the Trump Organization misled banks and tax authorities regarding the value of their holdings.

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