Biggies of Real Estate in Delhi-NCR

Some of the developers operating in Delhi-NCR are playing in volumes, partly due to the rock-bottom prices that developers were able to buy for their projects. This was possible because of the deferred land payment policy, which helped many small-time builders look like bigwigs. But now, with the economy deteriorating and land prices dropping further, it is not so clear who are the true biggies in real estate.

Volume players

When we look at the volume players in the real estate space, we find that some have made massive mistakes. The most obvious mistake is that developers focus on building hundreds of units per year instead of delivering as many as 10,000 units per year. These developers also tend to be behind schedule. In contrast, volume players tend to have bigger budgets, but lack the resources to deliver the quality that differentiates them from the volume players.


Clearly, brand recognition has been an important part of the real estate industry for decades. Brands are a sign of legitimacy and trust. Consumers recognize these brands because they’re a safe investment, and because they are fiscally efficient. The big brands of real estate in India are largely listed companies, which means their stock performance reflects their credibility with the market. The big brands are also characterized by execution efficiency. They’re not just volume players – they also care about the timeliness of delivery.

To ensure a consistent brand experience, real estate brokerages should produce and distribute top-level brand assets. Then, they should distribute these assets to agents, as well. The content should be personalized, but agents should also be given the opportunity to personalize the content. To do this, real estate brokerages should consider implementing branded templated designs that lock down the brand logo, colors, fonts, and other elements. By using these templates, agents can customize content and streamline workflows.

Government agencies

When it comes to real estate, government agencies are the true biggies. Typically, they are the sole or major tenants of a building. This is because they have a very long-term need for the property. In addition, they have high credit ratings, and can rely on the rent payment each month. Here are a few of the reasons why government agencies are the best real estate investors.


We all know that delivering 5,000 units in a year or 10k units in a year are not necessarily indicative of a developer’s performance. How many units are launched or delayed? Moreover, most of these big names are listed entities, and their stock performance is a measure of the market’s trust in them. Another factor that differentiates volume players from biggies is execution efficiency. Unlike volume players, big players are conscious of timely delivery of their projects.

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