Jesse Lee Soffer Directing Again For Chicago P.D. Season 10

Jesse Lee Soffer Says Rationally speaking, I’m doing fine. After an emotionally traumatic time in his life offscreen, he’s been able to transition back to directing for his show “Chicago P.D.”

Jesse Lee Soffer Directing Again For Chicago P.D. Season 10

We are so excited to announce that Jesse Lee Soffer will be directing an episode of Chicago P.D. for the upcoming 10th season! This marks Soffer’s third time directing for the series, and we could not be more thrilled to have him back behind the camera.

Soffer has directed two previous episodes of Chicago P.D., both of which were incredibly well-received by fans and critics alike. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this time around!

As always, we want to thank our amazing cast and crew for their hard work and dedication. We couldn’t do it without them!

Who Is Jesse Lee Soffer?

Jesse Lee Soffer is an American actor and director. He is best known for his roles as Will Munson on As the World Turns, Detective Jay Halstead on Chicago P.D., and Officer Landon Fowler on TheFriendly Four.

Soffer was born in Ossining, New York and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. He began his acting career at the age of seven when he appeared in a national commercial for Mattel’s Big Jim action figure. His first film role was in the 1989 movie Small Wonders.

Soffer has appeared in numerous television shows and movies throughout his career. Some of his notable credits include guest-starring roles on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Judging Amy, Without a Trace, Miami Vice, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He also had a recurring role on One Life to Live as Agents Francisco Vega from 2004 to 2006.

In 2014, Soffer made his directorial debut with an episode of Chicago P.D.. He has since directed several more episodes of the show.

His Previous Work

Jesse Lee Soffer is no stranger to the world of directing. He made his directorial debut with an episode of “As the World Turns” in 2009 and has since gone on to direct episodes of “Chicago P.D.” and “Law & Order: SVU.” In addition to his work in television, Soffer has also directed short films such as “-30-” and “The Operator.”

Soffer’s experience in directing will no doubt come in handy as he takes on the helm of another episode of “Chicago P.D.” This time around, he’ll be directing the season premiere of the show’s seventh season. The episode is aptly titled “New Beginnings” and will see the members of the Intelligence Unit deal with the aftermath of a devastating explosion.

Details about the plot of “New Beginnings” are being kept under wraps for now, but it’s sure to be an emotionally charged hour of television. With Soffer at the helm, viewers can expect an exciting and well-crafted episode that sets the stage for an explosive new season.

Jesse Lee Soffer to Direct in Season 10

Season 10 of Chicago P.D. will see Jesse Lee Soffer return to the directors chair. This marks the third time Soffer has stepped behind the camera for the series, having previously directed episodes in seasons 7 and 9.

As a producer on the show, Soffer has been heavily involved in shaping the direction of Chicago P.D. over the past few years. He’ll now get the chance to put his own stamp on an episode with “Natural Born Leader,” which is set to air in early 2020.

“Natural Born Leader” will see Soffer team up with fellow executive producer Derek Haas to write and direct the episode. It’s not yet known what the episode will entail, but it’s sure to be another high-stakes case for the Intelligence Unit.

Soffer has proved himself to be a talented director, and it’s great to see him getting another opportunity to showcase his skills. Here’s hoping “Natural Born Leader” is another excellent addition to his growing body of work!

From Actor to Director

Jesse Lee Soffer Directing Again For Chicago P.D. Season 10Prior to his career as an actor, Jesse Lee Soffer took a break to study directing at the New York Film Academy. He then went on to direct two episodes of Chicago P.D., making him the first actor in the franchise to do so.

Soffer has said that he loves acting and directing, but if he had to choose one, he would choose directing. “It’s just such a different perspective,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “You’re really shaping the story and you’re in charge of everybody.”

“I feel like I have a better understanding [of directing] than I ever did before,” Soffer continued. “It’s been really great.”

Fans of Soffer can look forward to seeing more of his work behind the camera in future seasons of Chicago P.D.

Whats Next?

After a hiatus from directing, Jesse Lee Soffer is back in the director’s chair for an upcoming episode of Chicago P.D.

Soffer, who also stars on the NBC drama as Jay Halstead, has directed two previous episodes of the series. He made his directing debut with the Season 3 episode “New Normal,” which aired in 2016, and followed that up with the Season 4 episode “Remember the Devil,” which aired in 2017.

In “New Normal,” Soffer directed himself and co-star Sophia Bush in a particularly emotional scene. “It was definitely weird being on both sides of [the camera], but it was a great experience,” he told EW at the time. “I learned a lot about myself as an actor by being behind the camera. As soon as ‘Cut!’ is called, you go back to being friends again and having fun. But it was interesting to see how I work and how other people work. It gives you a new appreciation for this job that we have.”

For “Remember the Devil,” Soffer directed an action-heavy episode that featured a major car chase. Speaking to EW about his experiences directing action scenes, Soffer said, “It’s always hard to shoot action because it requires so much coordination between so many different departments—you have your stunt coordinator, your special effects coordinator

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