Jennifer Garner, an American actress, is supporting Afghan refugees who have arrived in the US after fleeing Taliban rule.

Actor, 49 years old, visited an Afghan refugee centre near Washington D.C., which was supported by Save the Children.

The trustee and ambassador of the organization shared a video on Instagram showing her interaction with refugee children.

“Tucked away from a bustling Dulles Airport terminal, families from Afghanistan–refugees who fought alongside our soldiers, who supported our troops as their drivers, translators, administrators, women who fought for equal rights–are being welcomed into our country in an area curtained off from the public,” she wrote.

After weeks of waiting and worry, they finally arrived–hungry, exhausted, with only their clothes–and their children–after weeks of waiting. She continued, “Over 40% of Afghans arriving in Washington DC are between 0 and 12, including babies as young at 2 days old.”

“Through Operation Allies Welcome they are greeted and assisted by the US State Department, doctors, nurses, and the US Armed Services…and @savethechildren,” she wrote.

While it may seem simple, having a diaper changing station, clothing, blankets, and a teddy bear for your child, as well as staffed safe places for play is a sign of safety, care, freedom, joy, and safety. Children who feel safe to PLAY.

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“Play helps children bounce back and build their resilience. On Monday, when I visited Dulles and the Expo Center, 126 children waited in line to be seated before Save the Children staff opened the play area for the day. This is a human effort.

She said, “I am so thankful Save the Children is helping the US Dept of State receive Afghan refugees,” and added that she would be happy to help you support these families.