The Fuller House star shared, “I notice an enormous difference when I don’t exercise. How much it can affect my mental and how kind of deal with depression.”

Candace Cameron Bure knows the positive influence that working out can have on the rest of her body.

While recently chatting with The Salvation Army Midland Division in support of their upcoming Red Kettle Campaign, the 45-year-old actress said that exercising has helped her to deal with her depression.

Cameron Bure stated that she loves the fitness journey and feels stronger at 45 than she did when she was 20.

She continued, “Really another reason why fitness is so important for me because it’s so beneficial my mental health.” As we all do, I have a lot to juggle. My family and I also have multiple jobs. It can be very difficult. It can also be very strenuous. My mental health is important to me.”

“Just doing that and all those endorphins really help, it’s amazing. The Fuller House star said that he notices a big difference in my mental health when I exercise. That’s why I keep going. I reap many benefits. Exercise is a great way to improve your mind.

Cameron Bure spoke with the organization about another aspect in her life that helps her stay balanced, which was her family.

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When she was asked about her most recent adventures in motherhood, the actress replied that she is now an empty nester because her children, Natasha (23), and Maksim (19) are no longer with her.

She said, “I just entered the season to be an empty nester.” “I was actually an empty nester before this pandemic began.”