An ex-Amazon engineer is trying to answer the question that cat owners are asking: What is my cat trying tell me?

Javier Sanchez worked on Amazon’s Alexa and is now a project manager at Akvelon in Bellvue Washington. King5 reports that Sanchez is currently in a feline mind for his current project.

Sanchez is currently developing an app called MeowTalk, a creation that promises to translate your cat’s vocalizations into something humans can understand.

It’s not a language. They don’t communicate or share words. Sanchez explained that cats don’t meow at one another out in the wild,” Sanchez said about meows.

Sanchez and his team discovered that cats can communicate nine different intents when they meow at us. Each message is unique.

Sanchez uses his Alexa expertise and this research to translate meows into phrases cats use to communicate. The app allows cat owners to record their cats’ meows and receive a translation. Pet owners have the option of fine-tuning and training the app to help their pet learn its unique vocalizations. Meowtalk also allows owners to give feedback on the accuracy and reliability of the translations.

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MeowTalk instantly converts your cat’s meows to one of nine general cat intentions. These intents are cat moods and states. But each cat also has its own unique vocalization and vocabulary of meows that goes beyond these nine general intents,” the app’s description reads. You can train the MeowTalk App to learn the unique meows of your cat by telling it what each one means. You can give the app five to ten examples of a particular meow for your cat (e.g. The app will recognize the meow and can even translate it to other languages (e.g. “food”, “let’s go”).