A man has been charged with murdering his mother.

A man was charged in Southport with the murder of his mother this year.

Andrew Tinton was suspected of murdering Rose-Marie Tinton on Friday, January 29.

The 82-year old was found dead at his home on Folkestone Road, Southport.

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Police had previously believed that Ms Tinton was 77 years of age.

The 54-year old son of her mother, originally identified by police as 47, was remanded in custody. He is due to appear before Sefton magistrates court Friday, October 1.

Tinton was taken into custody after being struck by a train at Kirkdale station on January 29th. This prompted police officers to visit Tinton’s home and find his mother’s remains.

After Ms Tinton was found, detectives began a murder investigation. However, Andrew Tinton remained at the hospital for three more months.

Officers were unable to interview Tinton for several months due to his severe injuries.

According to authorities, Tinton was charged with murdering his mother.

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A spokesperson for Merseyside police said that they had charged a 54 year-old male with the killing of Rose-Marie Tinton.

“On Friday 29th January, officers were summoned to Folkestone Road, Southport. They discovered the body of a woman.

“Unfortunately, Mrs. Tinton, age 82, was declared dead on the spot.

“Andrew Tinton, who was a former resident of Southport’s Folkestone Road has been charged with her assassination.

“He was remanded in custody, and is due to appear before South Sefton magistrates’ court on Friday October 1st.”