One of the UK’s most haunted buildings is a listed building. Aston Hall, a 400-year-old building in Birmingham, is the scene of strange and disturbing happenings.

The Grade I listed building, which sits not far from Aston Villa’s Villa Park, is a popular attraction when Halloween rolls around each year, as ghost hunters descend. Legend has it that one of the ghosts that inhabits the grounds is Dick the houseboy, who supposedly hanged himself after being accused of stealing.

A ghostly being is also said to have appeared from the beyond, a former housekeeper wearing a green dress and sitting in a chair.

The most bizarre story that Aston is famous for is the one about a man who kept his daughter prisoner 16 years in one of the cells.

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Other Halloween-themed events coming up at Aston Hall include torchlit tours around the estate at night, for those who dare.

You can even meet a witch hunter, who is on the lookout magical people and face off with an “executioner”.