The adorable Japanese girl from the Viral TikTok video has shared her heartbreaking tale despite her adorable smile and stunning acting abilities.

A user on Facebook named Jamesmond Reyes has shared the hilarious TikTok clip of the beautiful Japanese girl known as Sakura. The video instantly became viral online and triggered a range of online reactions.

On the clip, you is evident that the young lady wears an Japanese school uniform that is similar to that is worn by the anime schoolgirls. The girl impressed viewers by her fluency in a proficiency in a foreign language and her ability in portraying anime characters.

Recently, Reyes has shared another video of Sakura telling her story of heartbreak in an interview. The story of the young woman has touched many hearts in the internet community.

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Sakura has revealed that she is an orphan who has no parents. Sometimes, she sleeps along the road when she leaves the home of her uncle. She is currently staying at Malibay Plaza wherein she spends her evenings.

The girl who made the viral meme claimed that her father passed away and her brother was left to her alone. She is always on along the roads and doing whatever to fill her empty stomach. The young lady also admitted that her friend let her borrow her costume the day.