Along the west side of Hawaii’s Big Island, the scene is overwhelmed by antiquated volcanic streams and rough shorelines. At that point you get to Hapuna Beach.

There, the differentiation of dark basalt, white sand and blue water implies you have shown up in heaven – at any rate that is what “Dr. Sea shore” says.

“It resembles a desert garden,” said Stephen Leatherman, who has positioned U.S. sea shores on his yearly rundown under the pseudonym “Dr. Sea shore” for thirty years.

The sand “looks very white there in view of the dark magma next to it,” he said. “I think the difference makes you think, ‘Goodness my gosh, I’ve never seen sand so white in my life.'”

Hapuna Beach State Park was positioned the best sea shore in the USA in Leatherman’s survey of sandy shorelines for 2021.

Inviting explorers back to Hawaii

Leatherman, a waterfront researcher and educator at Florida International University, trusts his 30th yearly rundown will urge individuals to get out and leave the previous year of pandemic battles in the rearview reflect.

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He recognized that individuals should pay extra to get tried for the Covid prior to going to the islands. “Hawaii is a truly uncommon spot, thus I believe it’s awesome,” he said.