Former President Donald Trump’s grievances are not abating with each passing day from Washington. These complaints seem to be driving two people away from him during his White House tenure, his daughter Ivanka Trump as well as his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Sometimes, the ex-President complains for hours about the “stolen” 2020 election. Sometimes he vents his frustrations in fits and starts, more often when he’s discussing his hope for national politics. He may have a rotating audience full of cheering listeners, but the distance between Trump and his daughter , and son-in law, grows by the week according to 12 former Trump White House officials, ex-administration officials, and family friends and team members who spoke to CNN about the changes in Trump’s inner circle.
Trump’s incessant harping on the past, and his inability of moving on, is a large reason for the separation. Trump has begun to question Kushner’s role in his presidency legacy. Kushner was one of few people who could stay close to Trump during his two presidential campaigns.
Ivanka has struggledto undo all the entanglements that her father caused over the years in the White House. She is now seeking a simpler life for her family, according two friends. She was described as having to balance between accepting her father and separating herself from his lies about the election.
Ivanka Trump and Kushner spent a lot of their lives in close proximity to Trump over the past five-and-a-half-years. They were seldom seen together in the months before the former President made a seasonal change from living at Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida to a cottage at his private Bedminster, New Jersey golf club.
One clubgoer said that Trump’s older daughter, as well as his three young children, were absent.
Kushner, once the ringleader in Trump’s policy operations, disappeared simultaneously. Kushner was also known to have visited Mar-a-Lago once a week before Trump’s move North. However, this was a rare visit. Kushner and Ivanka Trump lived close to each other: they moved to Miami to wait for construction of their mansion.
According to one source familiar with the matter, Kushner’s physical and virtual absence has been becoming increasingly rare since it became apparent that his father in law was still preoccupied with 2020 elections.
This person stated that he was “kind of like a parent who stays around less each day while they transition their child to day care.”

Kushner is moved to the side

According to those who knew his thinking, it wasn’t distance that kept Kushner from Trump. It was the desire not to be in the same place as Trump’s constant stream and contempt and the chorus of voices cheering him along.
A person who has worked in the administration said that Trump always has a variety of characters around him.
Some of Trump’s most trusted advisors started urging him to hire someone to oversee his daily operations and organize his candidate meetings and fundraising requests.