Japan has just welcomed two adorable and tiny panda cubs. Ueno Zoo reported that the rare giant panda Shin Shin gave birth to twins. The Ueno Zoo reported Wednesday morning that Shin Shin, a rare giant panda, gave birth to twins.

Yutaka Fukuda, director of the zoo, stated that baby giant pandas are small when they are born. Therefore, staff will be keeping an eye on them for a while to ensure their health.

Shin Shin, now 15 years old, arrived at Japan’s oldest zoo, in 2011. She last gave birth in 2017 to a cub named Xiang Xiang. It is not known what the weight and sex of the twin cubs are.

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“In most cases, twins will only grow up. To raise them both, one panda must always be held by Shin Shin. Naoya Ohashi, spokesperson for the Zoo, said that they will have the pandas take turns nursing the other.