Sharon Stone believes Hollywood has more to it than Meryl Steep

Sharon Stone opened up about the “iconography” associated with Meryl Steep and said that she believes she is a better screen villain than the three-time Oscar winner.

Stone was interviewed by the website zoomer about her “finally” working with Streep. She starred with Streep in “The Laundromat,” a 2019 film.

Stone interrupted Johanna Schneller mid-sentence to answer her question. She said: “I like how you phrase that, Meryl Streep finally got to work with me.” “You didn’t say, “Meryl finally got the chance to work with Sharon Stone.” The Oder, we got to finally work together.

Stone said, “Because that was the way her life went. She got built up to become, ‘Everyone wants work with Meryl.'” “I wonder if that’s what she likes?”
Star asked why Hollywood pits women against one another.
“The business was so well-designed that everyone should envy Meryl and be inspired by her because Meryl is the best. Everyone should be able to compete with Meryl. Meryl is an amazing actress and woman. Meryl Streep is a talented actress, but I think there are others. Hollywood is known for its Meryl Streep iconography.
Star continued to list actresses that she thought were in the same league as Streep.
“Viola Davis is just as good as Meryl Streep. Emma Thompson. Judy Davis. Olivia Colman. Kate Winslet, for the love off**k. She said, “But you say Meryl, and everyone falls on the ground.”
“Basic Instinct” star continued, “I’m much more villainous than Meryl,” adding that “and I’m certain she’d tell me so.” Meryl wasn’t going to be good in Basic Intelligence or in Casino.
“I’d be better. It’s something I know. Stone stated that Stone also knew it.

Although Stone’s thoughts received some criticism on Twitter, many people agreed with her.

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