Inside Nicola Peltz and Victoria Beckham's 'Feud'

In an interview with, Nicola Peltz opens up about her ‘feud’ with Victoria Beckham, and breaks her silence on the subject. The post came amid months of rumors about a frosty tension between Brooklyn and her mother-in-law. The actress also revealed that she has more than 95 tattoos commemorating her past romances.

Nicola Peltz reveals ‘feud’ with Victoria Beckham

Nicola Peltz, daughter of Brooklyn Beckham and Victoria, has finally spoken out about rumors of a feud between them. The actress and the former Spice Girls member were married last April but have remained distant on social media ever since. The couple is said to have had cultural differences and tension between their in-laws. Nicola has now taken to Instagram to clarify the situation, saying, “I’m not in any way mad at her.”

Nicola’s relationship with Victoria has always been a controversial one. She refused to wear Victoria’s wedding gown at the royal wedding and instead opted to wear a couture Valentino dress. Nicola’s tearful post broke months of silence about the feud. Fans had noticed the two drifting away from one another after the couple got married. She even claimed that Victoria had no involvement in the wedding.

The relationship between Nicola Peltz and Victoria Beckham has caused a great deal of drama in the past. However, Victoria and David have not spoken to their son Brooklyn in several months. The feud may have been a result of Posh’s fame. However, Nicola Peltz says she’s not trying to move to the UK to be near her husband’s family.
Inside Nicola Peltz and Victoria Beckham's 'Feud'

Nicola Peltz’s silence on the feud

Nicola Peltz has broken her silence on Victoria Beckham’s alleged feud, saying she and her mother-in-law have no beef. The former model shared cryptic messages on social media after her wedding in April. She also denied rumors about a feud and said the story began over a disagreement about her wedding dress. Nicola’s silence on the Victoria Beckham feud is surprising, but it’s not hard to see why.

Nicola Peltz’s silence is surprising, considering she just married Brooklyn Beckham in April, but did not wear a Victoria-designed wedding dress. Some have said that the rumors were fueled by the fact that she did not wear Victoria Beckham’s wedding dress. According to a source close to the Beckhams, the two were feuding before Nicola’s wedding.

Nicola Peltz has finally broken her silence on Victoria Beckham’s feud. Brooklyn and Nicola married in Palm Beach in April. While Victoria Beckham was silent on social media, Nicola Peltz’s silence on the rumors is even more shocking. Nicola Peltz Beckham denied the reports about a feud, saying that the rumors started after she wore a Valentino wedding dress.

Nicola Peltz’s relationship with mother-in-law Victoria Beckham

Amid rumors of a feud between the couple, Nicola Peltz has finally spoken out about the rumored ‘cold war. The actress and the former Spice Girl star posted cryptic messages on social media, dismissing claims that she and Victoria have had a ‘cold war. According to the actress, the feud stemmed from the fact that Nicola Peltz didn’t wear a Victoria Beckham wedding dress.
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After the couple’s wedding in April, fans noticed that Nicola and Brooklyn were gradually drifting away from their son’s family, which left Victoria worried about losing Brooklyn. Victoria was missing from the wedding and later tweeted her support. Brooklyn, meanwhile, has grown close to Nicola and the Peltz clan. But Victoria’s recent post was more about her love for her daughter.