Victoria Beckham Pokes Fun at Husband David Matching Her Outfit in Loved-Up Moments

Fashion blogger Victoria Beckham has blasted her husband David for wearing matching outfits at public events. While David and Posh have always been fun and fashion-forward, their marriage has been a source of conflict for some time now. In this article, we take a look at the best and worst outfit moments from Posh and Beck’s relationship. Let’s relive their classic style moments from their loved-up days!

Victoria Beckham pokes fun at their husband David’s matching outfits in love-up

Victoria Beckham poked fun at her footballer husband David’s matching outfits on an Instagram post. While the pair were enjoying an extended holiday in Europe, Victoria shared a picture of them in matching red polo shirts. Their matching outfits left fans scratching their heads, with one commenter saying, “Twinning again.” While another added, “These two look so chilled!”

The loved-up couple’s matching outfits have been the subject of a lot of speculation since their marriage, but their recent pictures show a happy couple. Victoria Beckham sported an orange turtleneck sweater and bell-bottom jeans, while David opted for a gray suit jacket, white button-down shirt, brown trousers, and brown oversized boots. Victoria poked fun at David’s matching outfits by adding an 18-karat gold crown to her crop.

Posh and Beck’s wedding

Fans can’t get enough of Victoria Beckham and David’s love-up matches – she smirks about her husband’s matching style on her Instagram story and comments on fans’ comments remarking on their stylish matchmaking. David and Victoria have become synonymous with matching outfits and fans can’t stop commenting on their cute photos! The power couple has remained close to fans for years, but it seems they have finally mastered the art of pairing up!

The couple is now married 22 years after meeting in 1997 in a Manchester United player’s lounge. In an emotional throwback video of their first date, the couple congratulated each other and shared a sweet message of love and affection on their anniversary. David congratulated Victoria on her 23rd wedding anniversary and even joked that his wife still looks like a “posh” dress after two decades!

Posh and Beck’s relationship

David and Victoria Beckham are famous for wearing matching purple thrones and outfits, and the two still make an impact with their style and fashion sense. During the 90s, they were also known to wear matching outfits on their wedding day – and the pair have never stopped, 22 years later! The two have recently been on holiday in Europe, where Cruz and Harper have joined them. They have also welcomed four children together, including a daughter named Harper, and supermodel Gigi Hadid.

On Instagram, Victoria branded David as ‘everything’ in a sweet tribute to her husband. She also shared a video of the two enjoying a sunset together. Her husband is still ‘into Posh’ despite 20 years of marriage. David’s sexy outfit sparked some funny reactions from fans. One user joked: “I’m still in Love with Posh.”
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Posh and Becks style moments

Fashionistas around the world have a lot to be impressed with when it comes to Posh and Beck’s. The pair is known for their impeccable coordinated outfits. They both wore matching leather jumpsuits to an Italian fashion house’s party in 1999. Their host, Versace, designed the outfits for the two stars, which they still own. A quick scan of the Internet reveals some of their most famous Versace ensembles.

The pair wore a variety of defining pieces that were popular during the ’90s, and have maintained their fashion sense throughout the years. Victoria Beckham has long been a fan of the singer, and she has worn varsity shirts, corsets, and sporty tracksuits, as well as silk hair scarves. Posh and Becks have also been seen wearing matching outfits at Venice’s Marco Polo airport.