All bets are off when it comes to predicting the next stage of Bennifer 2.0. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez continue to surprise fans with their renewed romance. . .and now, her mom’s involved!

The actor was seen on Wednesday, June 8, at the match of Wynn Las Vegas with a sudden plus-one: None aside from J.Lo’s 75-year-old mom, Guadalupe Rodríguez! A video of both chatting to people near the slot machines has been posted by Page Six. The socket said that he and Jennifer’s mom were surrounded by camerapeople and security guards and the celebrity is directing a new job in the city.

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Cards on the table, it’s not as if the Oscar winner must do much to win over his girlfriend’s mom. “Guadalupe loves Ben and is pleased that he is back in Jennifer’s life,” a source close to the actor told E! News. “They enjoy gaming together and have completed it previously.