According to a press release in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Daffin possesses a company Named Savvy Holistic Health. At March of 2020, the FDA became conscious that Daffin was marketing a unapproved drug under the brand name HAMPL, asserting it for a COVID-19 therapy.

HAMPL, upon further research, is linked to an Australian firm named Holistic Animal Remedies, which specializes in behavioural medicine. It’s unclear which medication was used as the assumed COVID-19 cure.

Back in April of 2020, both Daffin as well as the Australian producers of this medication obtained warnings that exactly what they were promoting was”adulterated, misbranded, and unapproved.” Daffin advised the FDA that she’d removed the drug from her site.

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The FDA delivered Daffin a different letter in August, differentiating other HAMPL goods which were unapproved for customers. According to the criminal complaint, Daffin had reacted and ensured the FDA that she’d be shutting the total HAMPL line and briefly quitting her site meanwhile.