“Florida’s education system is present to make opportunity for our kids. Critical Race Theory teaches children to hate our nation and also to despise each other. It’s state-sanctioned racism and does not have any location in Florida colleges,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) stated following the choice.

A bunch of Republican-led state legislatures across the nation are working to prohibit critical race theory, which attempts to analyze the legislation through the lens of race.

Critics of critical race theory reject the idea that the theory suggests that America’s heritage was built on racism and American associations nowadays continue to be inherently racist.

“The woke class wishes to teach children to hate one another, instead of instructing them how to read, however, we are not going to allow them to bring crap ideology into Florida’s colleges,” said DeSantis.

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“Since the Governor of Florida, I really like this nation, and I really like my nation. I believe it is unthinkable that there are different folks in places of leadership from the national government who think that we need to teach children to hate our nation. We won’t stand for it in Florida. I am proud that we’re taking action now to make sure our nation has the best educational system in the country,” he added.