A now-retired nun will plead guilty to wire fraud and money laundering charges for stealing over $835,000 for gaming and other personal costs against the Southern California faculty she conducted, federal prosecutors say.

She had been principal for almost 3 decades.

Byrne said in a statement that Kreuper became a nun in 18 and”committed her entire life to helping others and teaching children in Archdiocesan schools”

“Regrettably, later in her life she’s been afflicted by a psychological illness which clouded her judgment and induced her to do something which she otherwise wouldn’t have completed,” he added. “She is quite sorry for any damage she has caused.”

Under the arrangement she pleaded guilty proceed into the fees, which prosecutors stated take a maximum 40-year national prison sentence.

During her 28 years as leader, Kreuper oversaw capital the faculty received, including checks and cash for tuition, fees and contributions, according to the plea arrangement.

Kreuper was a signatory on a set of credit union accounts — a college savings account along with also a”convent” accounts to cover living expenses for himself and many others nun in the faculty, the plea agreement stated.

However Kreuper”fraudulently diverted” checks and money meant for the faculty to the 2 accounts she commanded”to cover expenses which the order wouldn’t have accepted, much less compensated for, including big gaming costs incurred at casinos and particular credit card fees,” in accordance with this arrangement.

To hide the strategy, Kreuper falsified yearly and yearly faculty fiscal reports, the agreement stated.

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“By minding these reports this manner, suspect Kreuper lulled St. James School and the Administration to thinking the college’s finances were properly accounted for its monetary assets properly guarded, which, in turn, allowed suspect Kreuper to keep her accessibility and management of their institution’s finances and balances and so, to keep on managing the deceptive scheme,” the agreement stated.

Kreuper also led school workers”to change and destroy financial documents” during a fiscal audit, according to the arrangement.

Over a decade, ending with her retirement in September 2018, Kreuper confessed from the arrangement to embezzling $835,339, the agreement stated.